yes! You have healthy boundaries!!!

Yes! you have Healthy Boundaries

This means you have Healthy Relationships in your Life!

Because when boundaries are out of alignment triggers come up with feelings ( stuck energy rising to the surface )

Mirroring back to you through life story via your issues, struggles, and problems that affirm your boundaries are out of whack.

When this happens you keep repeating the same lessons over and over again until you let it go.

Like a Broken Record playing the same song.

Weak boundaries only stunt your growth, halt your success, and stop up a steady flow of love & abundance in our life.

So Cheers to you and your Boundaries! Keep it up.

Here are 3 tips to continue to have Healthy Boundaries

1 - Feel.

If something doesn’t feel right. Allow yourself feel, not blame - (whatever it is) so you can start honoring yourself, today!

2 - Act.

What are your feelings telling you? Do you need to speak up ( throat chakra - communication )? Do you need to get off the phone/ walk away/ take a break ( solar plexus - power )

3 - Direct.

What can you do right now to make yourself feel better? Anything to point your focus in the direction you want to be in versus repeating the same story ( ex: to a friend to make yourself feel better. but complaining only repeating the energy )


animated illustration by @xavieralopez