the BIG picture

In this alignment training you find clarity with #allthethings by rising above it.

Together we will take a closer look at the yin/yang needed to create a thriving business.

Take a breather and find out what to focus on to get you where you want to go.

Today we will cover… The Yin/ Yang of Business

  • yOUR Gifts by strengths/ weakness

  • yin/ yang of business

  • the get clear method


your GIFT

You have a Gift.

You have a Dream with your Gift.

Now, you need a PLAN to bring it to life in the way your dreaming.

Everyone in this group is a FREE SPIRIT. You like to do things a certain way, only you can do.

So let’s break down your Strengths and Weaknesses determining your Gift. This will help you understand where you thrive in your business and where you’ll need more time/ assistance.


Clear Seeing                       ➵ CLAIRVOYANCE
Clear Hearing                     ➵ CLAIRAUDIENCE
Clear Knowing                    ➵ CLAIRCOGNIZANCE
Clear Physical Feeling         ➵ CLAIRSENTINENCE
Clear Emotional Feeling      ➵ CLAIREMPATHY aka empaths 
Clear Touch                        ➵ CLAIRTANGENCY
Clear Taste                         ➵ CLAIRGUSTANCE  
Clear Smell                        ➵ CLAIRALIENCE




your Gift

  • Honoring it by staying true to your;

    • Intentions/ Values / Boundaries

    • Time

    • Energy

  • Prep - prepping yourself before a session

  • During - the details during and what do expect or explan

  • Post - wrap up / closing the door/ energetically to a person - session - etc



Sharing your Gift

  • Via your online home aka your Website

    • All Business details

    • The Message

  • Offerings

    • Online Booking system

      • syncing to social

  • Social

    • Email ( your guest home )

    • FB ( the after party )

    • Instagram ( the after after party )

  • Marketing

    • your message by creating content that speaks DIRECTLY to your audience

    • sharing content

      • when and where is best via email + social

    • using a simple strategy system you can stick to

  • Biz Prep

    • Prep

      • your business details

    • During

      • the day to day during the week

    • Post

      • wrapping up the week and what you need to prepare for next week


what is the #1 place you need clarity?
…in your business?
…with your gift?

what do you need to help you have this clarity?


  • time

  • resources

  • 1 on 1 help

how much time can you commit each week to dedicate yourself being clear?


tasks needed to achieve it

how many tasks/projects are you juggling in your business right now?

  • make a list of everything by level of importance

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