Get Clear. Get Confident. Become Magnetic
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strategy STAR workshop

Calling all Creative entrepreneur - Healers, Intuitives, massage therapists, reiki healers, coaches get your strategy set-up for success

This One-Stop workshop will help you put your business out there and get noticed! Get clear in your message, offerings, and confidently set-up your Facebook synced with Instagram like a PRO!

live recorded VIDEO workshop

  • Designed for the non-tech savvy

  • Set-up the 2 main Social Media account you need as a Creative.

  • Get online savvy by learning the basics.

  • Sync your set-up to your social platforms.

  • Be Consistent by keeping is SIMPLE

  • Plan a whole year of content with out pulling your hair out. For reals

Simplify your set-up + content planning. The digital age is here and it is not going anywhere. So if you’re not sharing your magic online marketing yourself. You are literally missing the boat. When you align with your message + strategy then people are magnetically attracted to you. Your fans should instantly understand you and be eager for more!

Stop putting your business on pause with a the “no plan” plan that is not working. Listen if your not building fans, followers, and it isn’t “raining” in your bank account. It’s TIME to get your Strategy Straight!


5 steps

step 1 - business

Your business details - core messaging and offerings.

step 2 - facebook Personal

Everyone stalks peoples profiles on Facebook! Trick yours out like a Business Pro and let your audience know you’re a Rockstar when it comes to business and personal.

step 3 - facebook fan page

The epicenter of your online business profile is your Facebook Fan Page. Turn your Fan Page in your own digital guest home for your eager fans. Learn how to not only set-up, but show-up in your marketing. All paths lead to profits when you build a solid community of raving fans.

Post, share stories

step 4 - instagram

The next step in online social is your Instagram. And the best part is Facebook owns Instagram so you can sync these two bad boys together for synced up magic. Set-up and show up by making posts on Instagram and automatically sharing them on Facebook. Boom.

Post, use the IG stories, IGTV, share posts and stories automatically to Facebook and learn all the basic posting rules along with engagement tips.

step 5 - the strategy



90% of people are on their phone. The ones who check you out and dig what your sharing will either book, buy, and/or follow you.

So being ready to captivate your audience before they even arrive is your #1 job by keeping it clear and making it SIMPLE for them to understand you.


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