Empaths feel the world. 

Big hearts. 

You feel the world deeply through your own emotions. As if you are that person.

Intutive hits that come to you are in the form of emotional feelings and having heightened sensitivity.

Your ability for intuitive feeling is raised beyond the physcial realm.

Feeling your way in life unconsciously gathering knowledge from the past, the present and into the potential future.

Clairempathy is the ability to clearly feel your higher self, spirit, and/or the angels speaking to you externally or internally, meaning, you can feel the vibes in your environment. 

Tips to align your Clairempathy;

  1. Meditate

  2. Focus on your heart chakra.

  3. Visual, wear, and surround yourself with the green + pink.

  4. Protect your energy by surrounding yourself in white/purple light.

  5. Start a Feelings Journal so you can start identifying your emotions before you start taking on others.