Claircognizants understand life on a deeper level.

Problem solvers. 

You understand the world by "getting things" before conscious reasoning or the need for facts.  

Intutive hits come to you are in the form of instant knowing, wisdom beyond conscious understanding, gut feelings, and inspired ideas.

Your ability for intuitive trust is heightened.

Inspired ideas and thoughts come to you gathering knowledge  from the past, the present and the potential future events.

Claircogninance is the ability to clearly know information given through you from your higher self, spirit, and/or the angels.

Tips to align your Claircognizance;

  1. Meditate

  2. Focus on your crown chakra.

  3. Visual, wear, and surround yourself with the color white and/or gold.

  4. Automatic writing.

  5. Set an intention and ask your higher self, guides, and angels to sharpen your claircognizance in ways that will delight and surprise you.