Clairaudients have the ability to “hear” messages from the non-physical realm such as your Higher Self, your Guides and Angels. 

You hear the world through your own ears that is often inaudible to others. 

Intutive hits that come to you are in the form of music, conversations, talking to yourself, and sounds gathering knowledge from the past, the present and the potential future.

You have the ability for intuitive hearing. 

Tips to align your Clairaudience;

  1. Meditate

  2. Focus on your brow eye chakra.

  3. Visual, wear, and surround yourself with the color blue

  4. Practice listening the deeper meaning through sounds and music.

  5. Take a silent stroll in nature.

  6. Set an intention and ask your higher self, guides, and angels to sharpen your Clairaudience in ways that will delight and surprise you.