Owning your gift, shining your light, staying in touch with your highest self and professionally living your dream as a Lightworker Entrepreneur. Growing a killer community of like-minds and Dream clients. While you navigate the high seas of digital life aligning and magnetizing your dream.



Your gifts are there waiting for you to FEEL, HEAR, AND KNOW the absolute truth. But it starts by getting in touch with your highest self, your wisest self. Kicking old patterns to the curb, drop the old belief systems, and hiding behind your fabulous self. Allow your intuition to guide you… in EVERY part of your life

You are the Light ⚡️ To activate this it takes Self-Care and awareness. 
Do a something every day to activate it. And you will stay in that frequency of wanting to share it.

Here are some of my fav tips for Energy Alignment - Be Grateful
- Journal
- Look someone in the eyes and say Thank you - Take a break when your tired
- Check your Energy ask yourself “is this mine or someone else’s?”
- Wash your hands after an energy exchange - Make your home beautiful - Clear the clutter
- Burn sage - Sit in silence - Call or text someone you love for no reason

Energy Alignment is a daily practice. It’s not effective as a quick fix. It’s loving yourself soooo much you will take care of your energy. So you shine and share - effortlessly 💛

When your sensitive it is ESSENTIAL to take care of yourself. Energetically...📿


The 7 week group program to set-up, fine tune and kick *ss building a community of raving fans online. Strategy + Spirituality mixed. Manifestation mindset magic woven into learning the ins and outs of your dream business.

magnetic align + trust


Receive ongoing, on-demand strategic support for your creative business. This is perfect for the driven talented creative entrepreneur who is seeking a coach to support you in a variety of ways. Making the complicated simple by walking you through each step, moving you forward with grace and ease.