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Self Love Sunday ❤️ #loveyouloveme

When you are aligned, everything makes sense.

It’s a daily practice.

You know the deal. Point your energy towards thoughts, and experiences you want then the doors open to synchronicities, you build deeper relationships and experience epic career milestones – but, in order to reap the benefits of this dream reality it takes a lot of aligning, shifting, learning, and growing.

And as awesome as daily journaling, crystals, oracle cards, massages, and quick hits of social inspiration there’s still a level of letting go + tuning in it takes between yourself and living the Dream of doing what you love you on your terms.

Because no matter how much you study, words don’t teach.


It takes showing up consistently and stepping into an abundant mindset that leads you to success in balanced way.

Yin/ Yang - Feminine /Masculine - Giving / Receiving

MAGNETIC abundance manifestation rituals

clear energy blocks & MANIFESTATION + MINDSET

it’s time to DITCH the overwhelm and step into your power. Magnetic encourages small, consistent actionable steps to get your mindset + business into a abundance frequency of success and impact setting a new bar to your A-game.

You are the Light ⚡️ To activate this it takes Self-Care and awareness. 
Do a something every day to activate it. And you will stay in that frequency of wanting to share it.

Here are some of my fav tips for Energy Alignment - Be Grateful
- Journal
- Look someone in the eyes and say Thank you - Take a break when your tired
- Check your Energy ask yourself “is this mine or someone else’s?”
- Wash your hands after an energy exchange - Make your home beautiful - Clear the clutter
- Burn sage - Sit in silence - Call or text someone you love for no reason

Energy Alignment is a daily practice. It’s not effective as a quick fix. It’s loving yourself soooo much you will take care of your energy. So you shine and share - effortlessly 💛

When your sensitive it is ESSENTIAL to take care of yourself. Energetically...📿


new class every week

score laser-light focused coaching from Michele as we bounce between mindset + manifestation + biz strategy

BIZ masterclass

learn something new every week to better your business. simple strategies with mindset + manifestation + digital strategy techniques to help you succeed


manifestation mindset

stay in alignment with your powerful-worthy self running your own business. clear the old story. unlock your magic manifestation powers by committing to yourself by clearing fears + self-worth + money blocks in the group class


get in-depth breakthrough coaching in the hot seat 1 x a month. get a chance to be chosen for LIVE 1:1 support in the group. the hot seat is a time share and learn from one another. word.


weekly inspiration

exercises to stay inspired and feel confident sharing your gift, make money doing what you love and uniquely being you


the secret society

Get access to the private community. Ignite your abundant-boss self and become magnetic learning all the techniques to bust through blocks and build a successful business online inside the private facebook group


What would life be like if you had on-going support?

Imagine having a sacred place to active your Aha moments, breakthroughs, and epiphanies full of like-minds?

Imagine unlocking your powerful spiritual, emotional, and intuitive self in a safe space, with a seasoned mentor by your side?

Imagine access to a new way of learning about building your business through the wisdom manifestation and total alignment. Balancing your energy + strategy every single month to help you live the life you love on-the-go, on your terms?

Nothing compares to be supported in a community of people who just “get it” especially when you are a solo act trying to figure it all out for yourself.

The best way to move forward as a sensitive soul is to be fully supported so you are not alone.

Support is here. inside magnetic


ALIGN your dream to your current REALITY

You are beyond gifted, have put yourself out there, know you have a gift.

But you’re wondering why it is it not raining💰💰💰 in my bank account!

See unless you’re on the Super Soul Sunday couch, growing a SUCCESSFUL spiritual business takes dedication.

with an abundance mindset.

Just because you Social Media, consult your spirit guides and are gifted beyond belief, it still has zip to do with being successful..

You’re learning a NEW language, learning NEW rules of marketing, and Building REAL Relationships online.

This takes clarity inside and out.


honor YOUR GIFT, protect your energy, be confident, and magnetically manifest your dream YOUR TERMS



The Magnetic Membership gives you access to Manifestation + Mindset + Strategy class with a boost of supportive guidance + inspiration to help you do what you love in a community of like-minds that will support your shift into full success alignment. True transformation, comes with consistency for at least 6 -12 months.

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Hone + Protect your intuitive gifts

Create healthy boundaries with yourself, your business, + your clients

Move “past the story” keeping you stuck

Create a solid Digital Strategy for your Business

Honor the real, authentic you doing what you love

Align your entire business with your higher self

Access to community of like-minds

Connect and be supported, in a like-minded community

Reprogram old belief systems around success

Organic Marketing that caters to your unique business

MAGNETIC abundance manifestation rituals

is my way of helping you…


Activate an abundance mindset

Make SALES + BOOST enquires

GAIN new followers every week

OWN your Gift + Protect your Energy

Learn how to create CONTENT effortlessly

Simply learn how to NAVIGATE your business online

ORGANIZE your time and energy working for yourself

Understand HOW to run your own digital business online with ease

BE SUPPORTED in community of gifted sensitive souls going through the same thing

Energetically ALIGN into a wealth consciousness so you can thrive doing what you Love!

Honor your Gift. BE CONFIDENT. manifest YOUR dream LIFE

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