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MAGNETIC Abundance


Abundance is so much more than money! What if manifesting what you desire only took a few moments of you day? The Secret to a steady flow of Abundance starts with your energy. Over the next two weeks, I will take you on a journey of self-discovery through a series of simple rituals, mystical manifestation techniques so you can bust through your abundance blocks ๐Ÿ’ฐ, let go of the โ€œold story'โ€œ, Align to your highest self and flow in synchronicities on a daily.

SOUND MAGICAL? Letโ€™s do this!

magnetic abundance digital class

manifest with ease

Worrying about money can be emotionally draining. effecting every part of your life

When guilt comes up, it spins you in a cycle of shame. Obsessing over a bank balance, can make you feel desperate, and not enough.

When you donโ€™t feel worthy, you forget who the F you are. from there itโ€™s hard to see the light.

Over the next two weeks, youโ€™ll will learn how to let go and align into a healthy money mindset where you will unlock the abundant soul within you!

Stay true to your wisest self by activating the Law of Attraction. Synchronicities and new fun stories unfold as you vibrate in a new frequency of your truest desires.

This is Alignment.


 Inside magnetic ABUNDANCE, I share my EXACT techniques on energy clearing + manifestation rituals to create attract abundance, FAST.

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Q โ€ฆ How is the class delivered?
After you sign up, youโ€™ll be redirected to your welcome page to create your account for the program. You will immediately receive Day 1 welcoming you to into Magnetic Abundance class and then you can get started! There will be a lesson sent to you every day for two weeks, with simple activities, energy + manifestation rituals, and magnetic affirmations.

* If you donโ€™t receive your 1st lesson, be sure and check your Spam and Trash folders! Still need help? Shoot us an email we will take care you.

Qโ€ฆ Do I need to prepare?
No! But, Magnetic Abundance comes with a few suggestions for tools and totems, which you may already have. But, not essential.

Qโ€ฆ What is your refund policy?
Programs that can be downloaded and viewed online, as per industry standard, are not offered refunds. No one has ever not manifested using my techniques. So much so, that I am that confident that if you apply all the activities from Magnetic Abundance you will raise your wealth consciousness, helping you feel radiant and abundant.