Intuition is a gift
Intuition is a Gift


YOU WERE BORN WITH the GIFT. Yet, over time it's gotten a little static.

Deep down you know there is a place alive in you ready to be awakened... No mistake you are here. How would it feel to just observe without jumping into other peoples' drama aka their energy field? How do you actually create healthy Energetic Boundaries? You know deep down you have the abililty to overcome your own sensitivies instead of being consumed by them.

Over the next 1 hr get ready to go on a journey into the gift your intuition! Identify the signs, how it is a daily part of life, how to spiritually protect your energy, how to tune in to feel your way to the truth, energy 101 and how to use your intuition as a guide.


are you ready to wake up?

Use your gifts?

Love without judgement?

Replace the consistent need to "fix" other peoples problems taking them on as your own.


Your Intuition is here to help you in every area of your life.

It is your own secret language I teach you how to tune into that is knowledge taught in this class. Live in alignment with yourself and the world around you.

There is more to life than being ruled by your feelings day in and day out.

The answers are within you.

It’s time to learn how to navigate your own gifts with just a few simple shifts in your perspective. 

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6 Audio Lessons

75 minutes

simple supportive exercises



“I had NO IDEA I needed to protect my energy! You made it so easy to understand. Listening to you is like a light went off in my soul - remembering parts of myself I haven’t seen in a very very long time.”

- intuition is a gift student

“I learned so much in Intuition is a Gift, thank you! I never realized how so much of my life is connected to my intuition.”

- intuition is a gift student

“I always knew I was extremely sensitive, but I never realized how much it carried over into me unconsciously taking on other peoples thoughts, feelings and emotions. Whoa. “

- intuition is a gift student

“I love how well structured, beautiful and informative the whole class is. clear enough I could apply knowledge right away. Thank you!”

- intuition is a gift student

“Wow, Michele! This workshop is so simply broken. Thank you. Now I understand why I’ve based a lot of my decisions on fear, instead of a place of love. I feel like I’ve got my power back.”

- intuition is a gift student

“My biggest take away is realizing it is a gift to use my strength as an advantage but also setting boundaries as to not take on to much, anymore.”

- intuition is a gift student

“I loved the part on how to protect my own energy from getting drained since that is something I deal with a lot. “

- intuition is a gift student

“The biggest Aha moment I had is I didn’t realize I have so much more power over my emotions than I’ve ever given myself credit for. I was stuck in an emotional whirlwind. Now, I feel I finally have the tools to understand how to manage my emotions.”

- intuition is a gift student