i am worthy self-love digital class


i am worthy self-love digital class

i am worthy


Self-Worth is your Confidence and it doesn’t come from anywhere else but you! What if you no longer looked outside of yourself to feel good? Or needed to do this to feel that? The Key to Confidence is making peace your energy and how you’re directing it. Over the next 2 weeks, you will guided through a series of simple exercises each day delivered to you to help you “once and for all” bust through your self-worth blocks, let go of the “old story'“ keeping you stuck, and align your subconscious with highest self and flow in feeling worthy - every day!



Self-Love is the core ingredient for healthy relationships

We can only give what we have and when you love yourself, life mirrors it back to you.

In order to Own your Worth and Love yourself. 

You need to commit to yourself and stop spinning. To love yourself means letting go of old patterns, stories, and behaviors that go you here in the first place.

Self-worth doesn’t rely on excuses and busts through the patterns of disappointments. That gut-wrenching feeling appreciated, acknowledged, or respected as no place in your energetic field when you truly value yourself.

Imagine waking up everyday and feeling loved.

No need for validation from others
Nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else
Feeling worthy for just being you - no matter what!

Over the next 14 Days we will Dream, unveil old stories, create healthy boundaries, say good bye to anything no longer serving you and write a new reality to live in that is cozy and secure, Worthy of your time and energy!

All I ask of you is to...



is a soul lifting digital class that guides you to let-go of your old story and remember who the F you are.

Worthy of the love, respect, and all the dreams you desire.

I am Worthy is a self-love journey of the highest order delivered straight to your inbox.

Each day you will be inspired to take focuses action with simple steps on how to let go and love.

You Ready? Cool. Let's get this party started!

xo Michele

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Q. How is this class delivered?
Straight to your inbox for 14 days! After you sign up, you’ll be redirected to a welcome page to confirm your purchase, and then you will receive your 1st email to get started! There will be a lesson sent to you every day for two weeks.

* If you don’t receive your 1st lesson, be sure and check your Spam and Trash folders. Still need help? Shoot us an email we will take care you!

Q. What kind of exercises will I be doing?
Each email comes with a different mix of inspiration. Taking you a the journey of self-discovery. No one is the same. Look forward to one or more of the following; simple activities, journal prompts, video of the day, energy + manifestation rituals, and self-love affirmations.

Q. What is your refund policy?
Per industry standard, digital content does not come with refunds. Yet, I have taught thousands of souls to step into their worth and I 100% stand by this class and am confident that when you apply all the activities from the I am Worthy you will raise your worth consciousness. This class will shift your frequency to help you feel loved and worthy.