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Energy + emotions are systematically one-in-the-same. When we are energetically blocked in ABUNDANCE - love, career, finances or personal life we feel like we’re spinning.

It is because blocks are deep-rooted in our belief system programmed like a computer.

we HARD-WIRED TO repeat the same lessons over and over again.

Magnetically attracting our next lesson into our own “Lifetime channel”.

Energy blocks reside energetically in our body. For example that back pain has so much more meaning than just pain. Pain is rooted deep down in our subconscious programing within a story that can turn that abundance block but a physical block. Whoa. Right?

When blocks come up in our life they are masked as an issue with someone, procrastination, bad relationships, money issues, fear of moving forward, feeling unworthy, feel weird charging for you gift, feeling taken advantage of, and the list goes on.

Vanessa Phillipp Energy Block Testimonial
clear energy blocks testimonial abundance blocks

abundance block clearing sessions get straight to the point

i Identify the age, THE story, THE PATTERNS and root origin of the belief systemS emotional state holding you back.

∞ then CLEAR THE ENERGY and REPLACe it wITH a POSITIVE MINDSET shift with you

Kylie Sparks Energy Block Testimonial
clear energy blocks testimonial abundance blocks

Big or small, they get stored within us - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

These blocks can Stop us in our tracks from achieving our goals and living the life we love.

When you ALIGN YOUR ENERGY, clear “old stories”, toxic emotions, and dysfunctional patterns you open to the door past what was holding you back from living the life you LOVE.

Your energy speaks for you before you’ve even said a word.

Nothing is more power that allowing yourself to feel what you feel then making the intention of letting it go.

then redirecting your focus into the mindset + shift you want.

When it comes to being a creative - all we want to do is CREATE. Thinking about money is the last thing we want to do.

So what happens when you are crippled with FEAR, deep dive into doubt, and emotionally loose it energetically throwing you off your A-game?!

Jessica Smith Energy Block Testimonial
jessica smith energy block testimonial


1 session / $111 | 3 sessions $250

* all 1-on-1 sessions via telephone ( us ) + audio ZOOM out of the states