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Energy + emotions are systematically one-in-the-same. When you are energetically blocked in - love, career, finances, abundance you can feel like you’re spinning the same reality.

energy blocks are deep-rooted in your belief system. we are programmed like a computer.

HARD-WIRED TO repeat the same lessons over and over

Until we let go of the past energy holding us hostage.

We magnetically attract the same lessons into our life like “Lifetime channel”.

Energy blocks reside energetically in the body.

When blocks come up in our life they are masked as an issue with someone, procrastination, bad relationships, money issues, fear of moving forward, feeling unworthy, feel weird being yourself, charging $$$ for you gift, feeling taken advantage of, and the list goes on.


Energy Clearing is incredible!!!

The 1st session brought attention to blocks regarding a current circumstance, and provided insight on how to move forward and step into my desired outcome. I felt a big shift in my emotions and lighter DURING the session ever since...In the 2nd session, awareness came through regarding much deeper set patterns over long periods of time. I've been wondering how to heal my lineage and Michele's session got to the heart of this without me even asking.



1 - I tune in and read the energy ( mainly through my clairsentience, claircognizance, clairempathy, and my clairaudience ).

2 - I interpret the Energy. Identify the root origin moment, your age, the story, the pattern and whom you acquired it from.

3 - I clear the energy ( with your permission ) and together we replace the old story with a new one. A positive mindset affirmation.

Note: Before we begin, you do not need to say a word. No back story. Nothing. Yet, if you’d like to share briefly go for it. It’s actually easier for me to read energy without a story.

I am a Professional Intuitive, Reiki Master and Self-Worth Alignment mentor. I deliver information in simply and straight to the point. All sessions are subtle, yet powerful.


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Vanessa Phillipp Energy Alignment Testimonial

What an amazing experience!

I now recognize strong patterns throughout my life that have kept me stuck in a major funk before working with michele. She traced them back to their roots, giving me awareness and understanding as to "why" these situations continued to pop back into my life. I know longer feel "stuck" and my new found awareness brings me peace. I highly recommend Michele!


Big or small, they get stored within us - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

These blocks can Stop us in our tracks from achieving our goals and living the life we love.

When you ALIGN YOUR ENERGY, clear “old stories”, toxic emotions, and dysfunctional patterns you open to the door past what was holding you back from living the life you LOVE.

Your energy speaks for you before you’ve even said a word.

Nothing is more power that allowing yourself to feel what you feel then making the intention of letting it go.

then redirecting your focus into the mindset + shift you want.

When it comes to being a creative - all we want to do is CREATE. Thinking about money is the last thing we want to do.

So what happens when you are crippled with FEAR, deep dive into doubt, and emotionally loose it energetically throwing you off your A-game?!

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Jessica Smith Energy Block Testimonial

There are no are words to describe the benefits…

She is insightful, kind, patient and magical. She helped me identify the story I've been repeating since childhood that has been triggered for me in my adult life. Being able to recognize these patterns I've learned to take my power back, set boundaries, change my story and shift into more self-love. in clearing these energy blocks I have literally shed physical weight that I've been holding on to as well. I don't just recommend sessions with Michele, I encourage them. Michele's energy is pure. light. and love.



* all 1-on-1 sessions via telephone ( us ) + audio ZOOM out of the states

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