Get Clear. Get Confident. Become Magnetic


I have a niche. I work with... The Beginner Email Marketers. We all have to start somewhere and I LOVE working with the total NEWBIE to digital automation. 

Building your community as a Creative Business owner falls in 3 main areas
1 - Website
2 - Email list
3 - Social Media

But it's not just about email. it's about building relationships.

Understanding how your software works is the one part. But architecting a clear plan from A to Z that speaks to your audience is what will build your list. 

Drafting a clear strategy from your website and social media to your list then back to your site can be tricky. But taking a full view of your main intentions - then designing it all makes the process so much easier and FUN!

I'm a huge fan of the F word ;)

Having an email list is ESSENTIAL in turning your vistors into customers. As well as automating your business to build relationships for you in your sleep. I remember thinking emails are LAME.

Then I realized wait, not the ones I want to open.

Creating a solid email system boosts your business in ways you can't imagine. 80% more than your social media will ever do. If you are selling services and/or products online and your NOT using an an email list. Your working harder for less. 

Why Convertkit? 

It is subscriber-based email marketing platform. Meaning you have 1 "database" of all your subscribers to create multiple Forms, Sequences, Tags, or Segments per each subscriber. Which equals Complete Customatization for your list. Plus, you will never be charged twice for having the same person on multiple lists like Mailchimp. 

  • Organise all of your subscribers using Tags + Segments.

  • Create multiple Lead Magnets.

  • Sync your RSS feed.

  • Auto confirm new subscribers.

  • Beautifully brand you’re emails.

I've helped over 3K Convertkit users master and grow their creative businesses.

Here is how I can help you!

  • set-up

  • tag

  • automations

  • opt-in brain storming

  • simple funnel strategies

  • sync RSS Squarespace

  • customize forms into Squarespace buttons

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