The Magic of the Law of Attraction + 10 tips to align your vibration into it.

The Magic of the Law of Attraction + 10 tips to align your vibration into it

The Magic of the Law of Attraction and 10 TIPS to align your vibration into it. 


The Law of Attraction. It's such a BUZZ word right now, right?! 

Learning about energy and how our thoughts + feelings effect our story has been a huge part of my life since I was a teenager.   

The term, Law of Attraction, was coined to the massess back in 2006 with The Secret. I remember for the first time watching thinking...

YES, I so get this!

I've been actively studying positive thought and obsessed with learning more about how thoughts shift your reality - either positively or negatively.

Which is one of the main reasons I nixed self-deprecating humor to my daily vibe.

Because your subsconscious does NOT take a joke. 

All of this Law of Attraction talk has always felt familiar to me... like "remembering" a dance and practicing the moves. 

like Massive De'ja vu.

So when The Secret hit the airwaves it was like my studies were brought to life. Told through different practioners living the law. Which Rhonda Bryne coined, The Secret.

Yet, that's not really the Law. The Law is about ALLOWING and having FAITH. Geting yourself in tune to the MAGIC.

So to help you get down with this as easy as possible here are

The 10 tips to align yourself vibrationally into the Law of Attraction

1 - Feeling good

Think to yourself...did this moment just breath magic into my life? Because if it did, even if only for a moment, that moment just shifted your frequency.

The kind of frequency that brings DREAMS and VISION to your future. Even a moment of complete peace can shift your vibration from depressed to happy. Like listening to music, staring at something, watching happy people, or eating your favorite meal. Anything that makes you feel HAPPY, SATISFIED, and CONTENT is the inception of the law in action.


Let yourself FEEL your way into this new reality.

This kicks off the vibrational frequency from where you were BEFORE you had this thought into a higher level. Because you actually do FEEL different. When that thought inspires you so much you've it's shifted you vibrationally into a new state of conscious.

Two different frequencies are happening here. The one BEFORE and the one AFTER. When you feel really good - this will activate the speed of manifesting in your favor. 

Because you are imagining this AFTER place as YOUR NEW REALITY. FEELING it to the core as if it has already happened.

This alone triggers the magic.


Meditation is pure magic. It's actually our way of tuning-in to our higher self aka the wise one within us that has all the answers.

It grounds your energy giving you a confidence boost from the inside out. 

Calming the mind allows you to actually think clearer. 


4 - Go on with your life.

The best part about the Law of Attraction is that things will come our way when we least expect it. Because we are relaxed into the vibration of it. 

Not anticipating or forcing anything. That actually has the opposite effect and will push it away.

The unknown is where the magic happens. 

Be optimistic.


5 - Think of yourself as a musical note.

Just like a radio station. When you've got a clear channel the connection is CLEAR. Your digging the tunes and you want to TURN IT UP!

But when the station is static. It sounds and feels, horrible. All you want to do is turn the radio off or quickly change the channel. 

Your energy introduces yourself before you enter a room. 

We are vibrational beings.

Example; When you are in LOVE for the first time, it's like nothing can phase you. Because you FEEL so good.

But when your ANGRY. Watch out! Any little thing not vibing with you may set you off. 



This is only way to activate this law. When your HEART is in alignment with your HEAD. You open the doors. 

When we are in geniune alignment with the excitement of our thought as a viscual experience.

The Law of Attraction will speed up to accomadate you.

each time you make a new choice that is in alignment with your future, you are priming your brain to install neurological hardware to acutally think, act, and feel like the person you want to be in your future.
— dr. joe dispenza


7 - Stop listening and wathching things that make you feel bad.

Scarasm, violence, drama, people fighting, the news...all this can lower your vibration. Even if it's "playing in the background".

Again, your subsconscious does not take a joke.

Feeding it with negative triggers will lower your vibration. Most people don't even consciously realize it. A lot of people actually become so de-sentizied to it. It's just normal to hear, watch, and consume lower vibration content. 

I'm not saying ditch your NETFLIX. Just start becoming "aware" of what is in an ear shot or visual shot in the vicinity to your everyday life. What is playing in the background or your in your immediate focus of attention.

Think to yourself when you catch a moment like... how is this actually effecting my mood? 

If you are not aware this has an effect on your life. I double-dog-dare your to remove all of these suggestive pieces of entertainment your world for just 1 week or even 1 month. Then see how different you feel. OH and lmk how it played out.

Cause I guarantee, it'll be life changing. 

8 - Realize time is a blessing.

TRUST is the real magic in divine timing. Because wanting, wishing, hoping, trying, and waiting turns our energy into beggars... 

Our vibrational frequency needs to align with this desire, first. 

Like learning to ride a bike. You get familiar with it. Jump on, move forward and have the courage to start pedaling. Then you find your balance with the moved. 

You get comfortable riding, taking turns, going faster, and then the big finish. How to stop without crashing into something.

It's like you have to become one with the bike to really ride it with ease.

When we fall off, we just get back on. 

Moving forward one pedal at a time while you are simultaneously staying aware of your path in front of you.

This is the same as bringing your intention to life.



Oh man! This is a BIG ONE. 

No matter how much you want something or want someone to change. The reality is there is a fine line between intention and surrender that are apart of this law. 

It's completely out of your control. 

Surrendering to an outcome and staying in a positive vibe frequency will open the doors.

Forcing, controling, and fighting will do the polar opposite.

And you can't mess with free will. The only person you can change is you, not someone else. Don't forget that one. It's a biggie. 


10 - FOCUS on something that makes you happy.

Turn a corner, change the station, wash your hands, go outside... Do ANYTHING to immediately change your moment to shift your energy to something positive. Because when we are in a problem oriented state of mind solutions won't easily be available because we have to shift our orientation to focus differently.

It doesn't matter what is happening in your day, staying in a vibrational frequency that makes you feel good will also shift your neurological activity. Scientifically you have to FEEL yourself into this reality so many times it will show up. 

So if you are sad, mad, angry, resentful, or jealous. You will shut down this activity. Opening the door to issue oriented moments. I'm not saying we are wired to be perfect! That's not real. 

What I'm saying is except what is in your reality - as is. See the lessons in it. And unconditionally allow yourself to keep going without being reactive or wondering WHY it hasn't show up yet. 

Verbalizing NOT getting what you want actually PUSHES what you further away from you. So if you wish to talk about something - keep it on the UP! 

NIX complaining. 

And stay in a FAITH

Ask for what is needed most for your soul will give you a more MAGICAL outcomes then you can ever expect! 

xo M


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