Self-Worth Blocks as a lightworker Entrepreneur

self worth blocks as a lightworker entrepreneur.png

Hello my talented Gifted friends, 

Consciously or unconsciously our Self-Worth is the backbone of how we view ourself and the underline of how we put yourselves out there. Because it always mirrors back to us. Self-worth is not just a word.


Our worth vibrates along the frequency of how we feel we deserve things or not. Money, Success, Opportunity, Love, and Relationships.

Being super sensitive ups the ante to a whole other level. 

Especially for my Lighworkers!


So when we are marketing our business and are not getting back what we hoped. It can def waiver on Self-Worth. 

  • No getting any Followers

  • No Raving Fans

  • Cricket in Sales

Self-Worth SUCCESS BLOCKS sneak up to self-sabotage us when we ARE feelING vulnerable.

  • I’m not good enough

  • Things never work out well for me

  • Self-sabatoge ( feeling you don’t deserve to be successful so “something” always happens before you take the next jump

  • Putting things off when we don't see IMMEDIATE results.

Seems so crazy that we would consciously sabotage ourselves? Right. But, happens more than we realize it. A lot of the time it’s completely self-conscious.

The patterns just have a way of washing over you over and over again.

These blocks are rooted in subconscious and keep us stuck from moving forward. No matter how many affirmations you say, the patterns still come up.

A daily practice of self-love and quieting your mind moves you in positive direction to overcoming doubts! This allows you to become present. Where all the magic happens✨Professionally and personally.

Success is an inside job when we clear out what no longer serves us and shift our focus into what we do want.

How will you shift your focus today to aim towards feeling powerful and worthy?