Did you know what happens to your body when you say one thing and feel another?

Have you ever thought about that before?

Let me say it again...when your heart says NO and your mouth says YES. 2 things are happening at the same time.

1 - You are creating misaligned energy in your body and your heart. A push / pull in your vibrational frequency

2 - Your body is listening.

Creating incongruent communication where you having feelings not aligned with your actions.


This does something to the body...Putting them away for safe keeping, if you will. And you can't hide from yourself. 


Like a drain that is clogged it will slowly stop flowing if not tended to.


So when you say or think to yourself.
"I'm stuck".


You are. Energetically. 


Like being at a stop light. You can't just run the light and expect the cop to look the other way. Your body is the COP.


So whether you like it or not, it is monitoring the Law of your Energy field. Making sure you're following your heart - or you'll get a metaphorical ticket. Usually in the sign of an illness.


Your body can’t handle the mismatched energy of you doing one thing and feeling another... 

This is why you may get sick after a moment in your life when everything is just too much, you took the world on or didn't speak up when you knew you should have.


Every single organ in your body carries a vibrational frequence of emotion. Yep. It's actually all associated through our Chakra system and the Chinese Medicine Meridans for a quick reference. 


Your throat is about COMMUNICATION. That sore throat is telling you...




Are you not saying how you feel or are you saying way too much about how your feel with a serving of JUDGEMENT? If so, you're throat will be the first one to tell you.


A sore throat will happen when you haven't been "communicating" in line with your heart. 


Your liver filters emotions so ANGER gets caught here.


Your bladder controls the storage of water in your body eliminating toxins so when your thoughts are confused, racing, indecisive, pent up it gets "PISSED OFF". 


When a physical feeling is happening, pay attention. What is it SAYING? 


I have been studying mind body for over 25 yrs. Practicing on myself and listening to people when they tell me how they feel. Or just feeling their body energetically when they tell me their emotional state to confirm the mind body tie in. It never fails.


Your BODY governs your emotional state and if you are staying true to yourself..  


I was obsessed with the book "You can Heal your Life" when I first read it. It has a glossary of illness associated with emotions. The book is by Louise Hay. I've followed her career since the 90's. She was a pioneer for this work at the time!


This book paved the way for me understand my own emotional state in terms of how I am physically feeling. 


Another amazing teacher of this work is Anita Moorjani. Who wrote a New York Times Best seller, Dying to be Me. I get chills just thinking of her story. And one to def check out!!!


Your body can not be in dis-ease if you are in alignment with your truest self. 


Here's the deal. 


You are not doing anyone any favors by not being 100% YOU.

Uhm... EVER.

The patriarchal times of being seen and not heard are O V E R.

I’m really talking to you ladies...

NOW is the time time to SPEAK UP.

SAY how you feel with out judgement.

BE who you want to be without shame. 

STOP PRETENDING to be anything but yourself...

The REAL YOU is being called to the front row...of life. 

What people think of you is none of your g danged business.

That's a lot of responsibility to give someone to allow what they think of your as your meter of self-worth and allow it to dictate your day.

PEOPLE PLEASING comes at a price. 
But what price are you will to pay for it? 




Your higher EVERYTHING is asking to SHOW UP. 


STOP trying to be popular by "pleasing" everyone


Your body knows the TRUTH and you can't hide from yourself...


You can still be a loving kind person by honoring your true feelings and giving yourself permission to have boundaries. 


Genuinely standing your ground is a form of LOVING YOURSELF🎀

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xo M


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