The 2 BEST ways to Promote your ART Business

The 2 BEST ways to Promote your ART Business

The 2 BEST ways to Promote your ART Business

OMG. It's gone from business cards to online portfolios.
myspace to facebook.
snapchat to InstaLive.
smoke signals to text.
lame newsletters to legit email (like the GIRLBOSS)
How do you keep it all straight!?! Well you keep it simple. MASTER 2 mediums to market to "your" audience. And as a VISUAL ARTIST.


Should be your top 2 main focus for marketing! Your audience wants to "SEE" your work and these two mediums will open the doors (metaphorically) to invite them in then invite them over.  You want a social tie (Instagram) and a direct tie (Email list).

Create digital space for people to get to know more about you/ your work. In return they will become familiar with your brand.

A Website it your Home, Instagram is your Guest House, and an Email List is an offical invite to dinner. 

Email is your direct contact to your Fans + Happy clients. If you sell services and/or products trying to get clients through Instagram only. It is like throwing your money to the wind and watching it fly away.  Because the opens conversions of who sees your social media to email goes a little something like this...

Say you have 1,000 email subscribers, 1,000 Facebook fans and 1,000 followers on Twitter – this is what you will get:

  • 235 people will open your email

  • 60 Facebook fans will see your message

  • 20 Twitter followers will see your message

So while you are getting super popular on Instagram which is your guest house. Open your mind and door to the main house. A direct link to your business your email list...

Remember you don't own your Instagram, Facebook does ;)



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