EMAIL vs SOCIAL MEDIA | What do i need?

EMAIL vs SOCIAL MEDIA |  What do i need?



Keeping your clients in the loop thru Social Media is no doubt a powerful medium. Yet, one thing to keep in mind when while you are investing time and energy into your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest is you do NOT own your contacts. But you DO own your email. Your Social Media may change its algorithms at anytime. Your email stays the same. 

Meaning if you want to contact your contacts directly in a professional way, you have to email them. 
Using both in tandem is a winning combo. I suggest you choose 2 mediums when starting. Create an email list and one Social Media platform to master. Then add more Social Media as you get going.  

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And when you create a great opt-in on your website to build your email list, your leads will multiply. You now have a direct relationship with your clients / potential clients/ and customers. You can communicate with them in various segments on how your relationship is or isn't. Plus you can have a system set up to automatically do it. Score! One of the best software tools to use in creating an email list is Convertkit. I made a sweet little worksheet for you to get started in planning your very first email list.