How to Create a Custom EMAIL Signature




Your signature is GOLD. 

It is unique. 

In fact, it should be on every single one of your emails. Your contact info is best in the footer (the bottom). So there is no question of how to contact or find you!  

This can vary depending on the details that are important to your business communication. But the main idea is to make it a seamless tool to bring your peeps back to your website, email, call you, a CTA [ call to action ], or social media such as; instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc.

All you have to do is show them the way...

Here we go! 

the artist playbook

The How to part 

  • Grab you HEX color code (I use my canva account to find my HEX color code).

  • Create branded social links ( Flaticon free) or use copy.

  • In Flaticon find social icon you like.

  • Choose Edit icon.

  • X out of the login or registration to bypasses login.

  • Add HEX color code to customize.

  • Copy [ C } + [ P ] color code into edit.

  • Choose PNG file.

  • Choose size - 24 is a great small size for a footer.

  • Download [ file will download to your Download folder ].

And voila! Now have your own branded social links.
[ see gif tutorial ]

the artist playbook

EMAIL signature with email marketing software

Using email marketing software such as Convertkit or Mailchimp. You can add more customization!
such as the branded social links with links in them right into your email templates like the tutorial here. Here are some ideas for a custom, professional custom email signature option to add to the bottom of your  emails. Where you can add copy and/or a logo adding links to them. 

  • Name of Business or Logo icon [ link to website ]

  • Name / Title

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Instagram or Instagram icon [ link to instagram ]

  • Facebook or Facebook icon [ link to facebook ]

  • Pinterest or Pinterest icon [ link to Pinterest ]

  • Twitter or Twitter icon [ link to Twitter ]

  • Tumblr or Tumblr icon [ link to Tumblr

social links

LOGO EMAIL signature with live links

Simple copy only Convertkit email signature w links

COPY EMAIL signature with live links

The Artist Playbook header


I add my Business name as my custom Header image. So I don't add my business name to the footer.

the artist playbook

EMAIL signature without email marketing software + when replying directly from your main email account.

Here are some Simple, professional custom email signature options to add to the bottom of your emails. Whatever you add, choose what is best for your business. All of it is totally optional. 

Adding live links to your Social Icons in Convertkit

simple custom signature
  • Name of Business

  • Name

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Website

* Whatever you add choose what is best for your business. All of it is totally optional!