Define your artistic STYLE


Define your artistic STYLE




a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.



Designate with a particular name, description, form or title. When creating your Art brand based while simultaneously showcasing your STYLE in your art. This is the personality behind the brand. And since your BRAND is the DNA of your business. Identifying your UNIQUE creative style through your art identifies you and your brand. Which in turn, differentiates you in the crowd. 

Finding your CREATIVE STYLE in your branding is KEY.  So dig deep and find the "you" in your BRAND.

Identify your uniqueness

This is where you take your art + branding to next level. By valuing your uniqueness your setting the tone in your marketing. Ultimately resonating with your IDEAL AUDIENCE by honing in on your own CREATIVE style. 

  • What are the 3 unique qualities in your style of art?

  • What inspires you with your work?

  • What do your clients value from you?


BRAINSTORM on as many things that come to mind. 

The deeper you go, the clearer it will become.

By listing the answer to your questions you'll open a door to find solid clarity in your Brand aka your Art you are marketing through your online persona. 

By focusing on what is you and important. You are marketing on what supports that vision through your visuals + copy. 

Explore the most UNIQUE qualities in your art, what you inspires you, and what people value from your work. This will help you narrow down your own CREATIVE STYLE that you'll want to focus on so you can market to the right audience.

Ready set, GO!