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An ENERGY ALIGNMENT + MINDSET/ MANIFESTATION Mastermind Group for ladies ready to break out of your shell

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Designed for the truth seeker ready to live in line with your highest self. An all-inclusive hub of weekly support, training, and live coaching. Sharpen your gifts, create healthy boundaries, clear energy blocks and honor every part of yourself. Step into alignment with your highest self, your wisest self calling you to be present in the moment. Inside the community, you will find the support + tools to sharpen all your alignment skills!

∆ 12 weeks of LIVE Trainings

∆ Group Energy Clearings

∆ LIVE Coaching


Alignment is a way of life

a choice to point your energy in the direction you desire

As a sensitive soul, it’s so easy to;

Give too much, hold back your feeling, and take on other peoples emotions without even realizing it

When you align your energy towards the experiences you want synchronicities kick into magical gear, you build deeper relationships and experience epic milestones in line with your higher self – but, in order to reap the benefits it takes a lot of shifting, learning, and growing.

And as awesome as pulling angel cards, reading endless self-development books, your arsenal of crystals, and social inspiration there’s still a level of owning your worth, letting go + taking your power back it to actually live the life of being aligned.

Because no matter how much you study, words don’t teach. ACTION DOES.

A Balance of Feminine /Masculine / Giving / Receiving



This membership is for the sensitive souls ready to be aware, aligned, and conscious in every part of your life.
The highly sensitive, lightworkers, intuitives, and givers
ready to NEXT LEVEL your life in every possible way.

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Align gives you the tools every week to successfully sharpen your gifts. Epic transformation comes from being consistent for at least 3 months. Honor your sensitive nature and strive to be totally cool being you.


LIVE Alignment Lesson of the Week | Every Tuesday 11am PST

Energy Alignment Group Clearing | Every other Saturday 11am PST

* all inside the private Facebook group

Join the Weekly Lesson discussion thread in our private Facebook community where you can ask questions, add comments or share your activity results. This allows you to receive further help, get feedback and guidance from myself + other community members.

If you can't make the LIVE, no worries! Catch the replay. Use the weekly post thread to ask questions, get feedback, and get support from Michele and the community!