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in ways most people will never understand.

Yet, your sensitivity gets in the way.

A lot

I know you thought your gift would make it rain into your bank account by making a few posts online then viola’ Oprah calls. Boom your in Maui in the hot seat being interviewed for Super Soul Sunday. But no, you are here stalking my website seeking inspiration to get you to your destination without loosing your sh*t.

I get YOU

There is no denying the Law of Attraction brought you here of all places. Lost in cyber space in search for A-game support.

Cool. Welcome…

So here’s the deal.

I keep it simple.

The last think I want you do is think.

My mission is to teach you how to tune in, be present and kick some serious a** being you

By getting…

Clear, confident and

AlignMENT = focused, clear energy

This is how you tune in, turn on and live the life you LOVE by being aligned to it.

We are ALL here to fulfill a destiny.

Why not live your life being totally cool, being you…?


I believe you were drawn here to be reminded that...  

WE all have the power to shift into allowing your gift to support you. shining doing what you love. being you

manifestation is more simple than you think

Clear out the old, focus on the new, and align back to you

I work with Lightworkers - Solo-preneurs, Intuitives, Healers, Coaches, and Right-Brained Creatives overcome self-worth issues, become savvy in confidence, and make bank allowing your gift to support you.

As a Modern Mystic and Digital Expert, I’m a Connoisseur of Energy Alignment, Lover of Law of Attraction, Nerd for online business, and passionate about helping you step into your powerful-worthy self.

the law of attraction is simple

I teach you how to GET CLEAR with yourself and your business. Ditch the overwhelm, do what you love - confidently and abundantly.


master your MINDSET + BIZ manifestation

I am here to remind you - you are powerful, worthy, and deserve to live the life you LOVE.

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Energy flows where attention goes
align trust lightworker manifest-9.png


Michele mentors sensitive souls on Energy Alignment + Manifestation + Business success.

Master your gift, clear old patterns holding you back, and step into an abundant flow building the life and business you love!

- Professional Intuitive
- Energy Alignment Queen
- Manifestation + Mindset Expert
- Reiki Master
- Digital Strategist ( nerd )
- Squarespace Authorized Trainer
- Email Marketing Expert

Michele is also an Artist. Her Freelance work lasted 20 yrs, before she retired to teach. Her work has been featured in ELLE, CNN, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Men's Fitness, Maxim, Shape, Fast Company, NBC, Showtime, The Style Network, HBO and The Tonight Show to name a few.

- Artist
- Makeup Artist + Stylist + Photographer

Michele lives in Arizona surrounded by palm trees + the most beautiful sunsets in the world…

michele lee Lightworker Align + Trust