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Receive ongoing, on-demand strategic support for your creative business. This is perfect for the driven talented creative entrepreneur who is seeking a coach to support you in a variety of ways.

I make the complicated simple by walking you through each step, moving you forward with grace and ease.

I work with multi-talented creative geniuses + right-brains + healers + intuitives who make a living off your gift

During our time, we will discuss the big picture. Where you are now and where you WANT to be. What’s working and what’s not so we can create a Digital Roadmap for you to follow with ideas, non-tech strategies and a plan of action pointing your in the direction where you need it most.

get crystal clear

On your mindset, message, website, marketing, video, social, conversions, branding
online set-up, automation, being & money manifestation.

Supported with A solid plan of action

*All sessions receive a 1 month trial inside the Magnetic business group!


stream line YOUR focuS + jump into your next expansION

We will architect a plan using your genius so your business will STAND OUT all while you are BEING YOU.
Get savvy navigating the technology + diy design part of your business to create killer content just for your audience
To mastering how to magnetize your dream clients to you.
Attracting them through your website, social, and most important your energy.

think of me as your mentor + business bestie who will break down the complicated into the simple

Walk-away from this mentorship with a renewed sense of confidence to optimistically run your own show.

manifesting next level success, abundance, and be the leader in your field you were born to be.

THIS is not for everyone only next level souls apply

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Truest Herbs | Jen Awdry

"I am so so so so soooooooo grateful for the effect Michele's work has had on my life. With the skill set she has taught me I know the changes will continue to help me reach my goals. I am happy to see my business (and my life) grow and flourish in the most delightful ways. She's a real, true, authentic gem!"

- Jen Awdry / Truest Herbs

Copy of Align + Trust Energy Alignment testimonial
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Copy of Align + Trust Energy Alignment testimonial

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A complete OVERVIEW of your unique Creative genius + business from a wholistic view. #Allthethings. From here review, remove the noise, clear any abundance blocks holding you back and zero on in what is most important to get your strategy cyrstal clear. Focus on your priorities of steps to move you forward in with ease. Clear and remove the old story holding you back and replace it with your key into your zone of genius aligned with your desired success + money goals.

When you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your intentions of your business you can set forth with a confidence vs going on a whim of what you "think you should do or what people want from you.“


Once you’re clear you can feel confident from the inside out. Sharing your business clearly and building your digital world like a PRO. With aligned energy and simplified systems your online presence will work for YOU. Save precious time working efficiently with a message so clear it sings to your audience and strategy so simple you’d wish you thought of it. Plan, sync, and automate your digital world. Sharing your genius online attracting your dream clients with tech savvy tips for non-techie. Fine tune you message crystal clearing so people understand you. Tweak your website tp converts. Create content effortlessly. Get simply savvy on social. Build an email to generate leads and make it easy for people to book and buy from you.


Magnetize through your energy + messaging. Align yourself and your business to magnetize clients to you. When you + your business + online presence are clear. You become magnetic. Becoming magnetic means clearing out the noise. All the distractions, what’s not working, and focusing on what is important. The main goal is to do what you love and attract dream clients to you in your sleep and be uber successful doing what you love! Clearly and simply. Using a personalized Strategy designed only for you! During our time, we’ll work together to get you in alignment, boost your self-worth, build a killer strategy and feel confident sharing your gift being you. I literally get right down to business. I do not waist any time. We jump right in and get to work. Buckle up.

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