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Alignment + Manifestation

Hi, I’m Michele. I’m a Modern Mystic Alignment Mentor. I help sensitive souls get clear, honor your energy, and step into your worth manifesting the life of your dreams.

As a Highly Intuitive Energy Queen, I specialize in INTUITION⊹WORTH⊹SUCCESS

△ Be Clear
△ Get Confident
△ Become Magnetic



Ready to stop repeating the same “ole’ story” keeping you stuck? Wish you could flip a switch on your mindset and step into a new reality? Clear Energy blocks to open the doors to the abundant business + life you deserve.


You are energy. Maintaining alignment with yourself - emotionally, physically, and spiritually helps you stay in contact with the wisest part of yourself - personally & professionally.


Join the Business Abundance + Mindset + Manifestation secret society for Sensitive Souls in Business. Weekly classes on energy alignment, digital strategy, and self-worth as a solopreneur.

align manifest trust.png


Magnetic Activator sessions boost biz alignment


I Am Worthy + Intuition + Business + In your Dreams


Intuitive Alignment


The Biggest Adventure you can take is to Live the life of your Dreams.
— oprah winfrey